Electrolysis, permanent hair removal Electrolysis, permanent hair removal


Electrolysis, the first ever form of permanent hair removal, is suited to all hair types.

Electrolysis involves the use of a thin filament that directs an electrical current into one hair follicle at a time, at a pre-programmed intensity. The hair is then plucked from the follicle using tweezers. The papilla of the hair follicle is gradually destroyed with each treatment, until no more hair remains.

Electrolysis is a gentle technique. Inserting the filament is painless; at most, you will feel a slight tingling from the electrical current. You won’t feel the hair being removed with the tweezers.

Electrolysis is permanent but progressive, meaning you will need regular treatments over a certain period of time.

We use only disposable filaments, which are included in our prices.

15 minutes21 $
20 minutes25 $
30 minutes34 $
45 minutes50 $
60 minutes65 $
600 minutes580 $
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Electrolysis, permanent hair removal

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