Treatment of fat rolls Treatment of fat rolls

Fat deposits

Fat deposits or "fat rolls"

Stomach, hips, love handles, arms, thighs—all areas where we will often find "fat rolls". But what is a "fat roll"?

It’s a buildup of fat cells that settle into one place and eventually become very difficult to get rid of. In other words, it’s an accumulation of fat that causes the folds called “fat rolls” to form on certain parts of your body.

Even with a healthy diet and regular—even strenuous—physical exercise, they are sometimes impossible to get rid of. The fat just sits there.

The main factors involved in the process are hormone imbalances, stress, and poor diet.

Don’t be discouraged after all you’ve done to feel good about yourself or to achieve your fitness goal: There are effective solutions to this problem.

We offer VShape Ultra therapy to reshape your silhouette:

VShape radiofrequency

VShape radiofrequency

VShape Ultra is a leading-edge technology used in aesthetic medicine to firm the skin, remodel the silhouette, reduce the appearance of scars, and resurface the skin.

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