Eyelash application and Touch-up Eyelash application and Touch-up

Eyelash application

Lash by lash, the eyelash technician applies extensions to your existing eyelashes without ever touching your skin.

Our Misencil products can create a full range of effects, from natural to the most intense. Depending on the look you want, our technician will recommend the best extensions for you. She will also advise you on what to do at home.

Touch-ups are recommended every three weeks.

How long does a session last?

A full application takes approximately 90-120 minutes, depending on the option you choose. Once the application is finished, you won’t believe your eyes!

Touch-ups take approximately 60 minutes, depending of the number of lashes to reapply.

Eyelash applications offered at the Institut

Full application$150
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Eyelash applications

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