Waxing Waxing


Because everyone’s skin reacts differently, we use only high-quality hot wax and warm cream wax.

Waxing treatments offered at the Institut

Upper lip$12
Eyebrow care$15
Eyebrow shaping$15 to $22
Lower leg$22
Lower leg and bikini or underarms$33
Lower leg, bikini and underarms$40
Lower leg and Brazilian bikini$45
Lower leg and full bikini$50
Upper leg$29
Upper leg and bikini or underarms$35
Upper leg, bikini and underarms$46
Upper leg and Brazilian bikini$50
Upper leg and full bikini$55
Back of or inner thighs$15
Buttocks or crevice$15
Full leg$40
Full leg and bikini or underarms$46
Full leg, bikini and underarms$55
Full leg and Brazilian bikini$60
Full leg and full bikini$64
Bikini or underarms$17
Bikini and crevice or highcut$30
Brazilian bikini$35
Full bikini$40
Half arms$19
Eyebrow or eyelash colouring$20
MEN: back or chest$32 or $45
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Prices do not include taxes. Prices are subject to change without notice.