Professional teeth whitening Professional teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening

North American White Smile teeth whitening systems

The top three reasons to treat yourself:

Flawless results

Teeth whitening involves a deep cleaning with a chemical called peroxide (carbamide or hydrogen peroxide), which is left on the teeth for a set time, cleaning them down to the enamel. The use of peroxide to gradually eliminate stains and deposits allows the dentin to regain its original shade.

We offer two treatment protocols; your dental profile, established during your consultation, will determine which one is best for you. Whitening can last from 6 to 24 months, depending on whether you smoke, drink coffee, etc.

The bleaching agent combined with the cold LED lamp will open the pores in the teeth to dislodge deep stains. The dehydration process sends a signal to the body to produce sebum, which rehydrates the teeth and closes the pores.

Single treatment (20 min.):

  • Tray whitening
  • 20-minute wait, under the lamp

Prestige treatment:

  • Application of vitamin E to protect the gums
  • Application of peroxide
  • 15-minute wait
  • Repeat the steps at least three times until the final result is achieved